A New Game Is Here

June 10th, 2011

A screenshot of the title screen for Forever December.
A screenshot of Forever December gameplay.

Whelp, it's finally here. I've probably put more work into this game than any other game I've ever made so far, and a lot of that was because of the great feedback I got from the early alpha testers the first time around (remember what I said about feeding off of fans and positive encouragement?) I will certainly keep working on it, and there is a lot more I want to add, but I really really want to hear what you guys think of it first. Let me know if you have any ideas or find any bugs or anything! Please! Thank you!

As for the name, I only had two votes but they were both for the same thing so far... so I guess for now it's Forever December, but that's still subject to change once more people play it and give me their feedback on the name as well. Hooray! Now download it here and play your brains out for a little while. It's summer? What else could you possibly have to do?

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