So New, It's Old!

November 20th, 2010

Well what do we have here? The grand re-opening of - The Tylor Zone 2010 2.0. Isn't it great? What's that you say? It looks almost exactly the same? Well, on the outside, sure, but on the inside.... man! What a difference! ...Yeah, so, okay, I know you don't care. But there are a couple of new things that might interest you for a few seconds before you get bored and leave again. Honest! For one, the clickable buttons up there are a little different. So if you were one of the people who spent a few hours clicking on them when The Tylor Zone 2010 first premiered, you'll probably be able to get some more enjoyment out of that now. And this time, they're made by me! Graphics and all! Oh, and a lot of the other page lay-outs are different (read: better). Honestly the biggest difference is just the fact that the entire things has been remade in html code, so the fact that it looks similar on the outside actually verifies that I succeded in what I set out to do. What this means for you however, is that I'l lwill probably update more, since updating will be much faster now that I completely understand how every nook and cranny of my site's code works - y'know, what with me being the one he typed each character of it and all. But for now, not much has changed. This is one of those do-a-lot-of-work-in-the-short-run, save-yourself-from-a-lot-of-work-in-the-long-run type deals. Oh well. Enjoy!

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