Release of the Purple Ninja Engine

August 17th, 2010

As you all hopefully know, I released Purple Ninja: The All Knowing Eye almost four months ago now, and after working on it some time and refining it I've decided to release my base engine code to the public. The reasons why and how it should be used can be summed up by the quotation taken from the game below:

This base platformer engine, dubbed the "Purple Ninja Engine" after it's creation and debut in TheTylor's 2010 game Purple Ninja: The All Knowing Eye, was created for the sole purpose of helping others get into GML and learn the basics. As a twelve-year-old kid Tylor first got into making games with Game Maker, and while he did not begin using GML until almost four years later, he did try to make games like Purple Ninja before. Outside of his family and close friends, these games were failures; glitchy, patched-together works of Drag and Drop code from both himself and other people. The one thing that was the biggest thorn in his side, by far, were figuring out how to make platforms that you could jump-through from the bottom but land on from the top. Time and time again his games had to be scrapped or reworked because, once more, the jump-through platforms had bested him, and he could not get them to work. It wasn't until he started using GML code in early Spring of 2010 that he was finally able to conquer this problem once and for all. Anybody who knows Tylor personally can tell you how much of a personal obstacle this was for him, and how elated he was when he finally bested it.

During this time, he often consulted online tutorials for help, desperately searching for an easy jump-through platform tutorial or piece of code he could cut out and paste into his game and spare himself all of this hard work. He found none, and eventually even went to the YoYo Games forums for help, where many kind people tried to explain to him this supposedly simple concept (proof) Frustrated, Tylor became disappointed in the internet's lack of a solid, fluid, and simple to use base tutorial out there for this sort of thing. Sure, he found one or two, but they never did what he was looking for.

Now, Tylor hopes to reach out to any future teenagers and children who are looking to begin programming in Game Maker, or making the transition to GML code from Drag and Drop code. Using this tutorial as a base, they will hopefully be able to learn what it has taken Tylor almost four years to learn, all in one swift motion. Twelve-year-old Tylor would have considered this tutorial a godsend, and hopefully this reaches at least one person out there who will think of it that way too.

You can download the "game" in the appropriate section by clicking on the Downloads button above. If you have any problems with it, or have any further questions about creating games in Game Maker, feel free to leave a comment in a thread on the forums, or even email me about it and I should get back to you fairly quickly. Good luck, game makers, and don't forget to let me know if you use my engine for anything! I'd love to see specifically how I've helped someone!

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