Homestar the Runner: Version 2.0

June 26th, 2010

A screenshot of the Homestar the Runner game.

Oh, another new game! Er... wait a minute... Purple Ninja was a remake of sorts... the Spelunky mods were edits from someone else's game... I think I see a pattern here. Oh, it's another cop out that I'll be passing off as a new game! If you don't remember Homestar the Runner, than that means you're not a member of my immediately family who I make check this website every few hours for new content and never played the original version back when I was doing those "Pocket Games." Oh the golden days of youth... anyway, I've revamped it a bit, and completely converted it from drag and drop code to spiffy GML code, which doesn't mean a lot to you, but is something that makes me giggle with glee. Give it a play or two and brag about your high score here .

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